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Gravitas Infinitum is buying companies in the Nutraceutical Manufacturing space with a focus on creating and then exiting a valuable mid-cap business. Our core principles are centered around a foundation of Sustainable Business Practices.

The Company will primarily focus on companies located in the target rich Southeastern Region of the United States with enterprise values ranging from approximately $5 million to $50 million. Gravitas’ dedicated research into these markets has identified exceptional current available inventory of target companies and capital availability.

Gravitas has already identified a shortlist of exciting pipeline companies and has the unique ability to source its own transactions, thereby drastically reducing buy side costs.

The Company focuses on existing, definitive Blue Chip operating teams as targets. These are typically 5-30 year-old companies with $5-50mm in annual revenue, delivering +10% EBITDA annually. Purchase prices are 2-6x EBITDA, or 25-125% of annual revenue. The target must also show annual growth of 5% or better. Gravitas brings six core capabilities and operational strengths to any acquired company. These are;

  • Sustainable Business Values
  • Purchasing Power Aggregation
  • Logistics Aggregation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales/Advertising
  • Digital Transformation and Automation of business process functions

These are areas that small businesses are normally incapable of optimizing until they are much larger or adequately capitalized.

Gravitas’ investment philosophy is deeply rooted within each member of its team which is focused achieving strong economic returns by buying leading companies. Gravitas’ team of principals and advisors have the experience necessary to help the Company identify, invest in, and successfully acquire companies in the sector.

Ultimately, Gravitas’ management team believes in the importance of trust-based partnerships focused on the pursuit of both “value and values.”


Meet the Team

Dedicated to the success of its companies, investors, partners and communities.

Allen Witters

Leads Gravitas with support from the company’s other Principals and Advisors. Over his 35-year career, Allen has helped shape modern business by founding and operating several leading services, manufacturing and technology companies.

John P. Arciero

A business strategist, serial entrepreneur, and salesman extraordinaire with a long list of achievements. Through a proven combination of leadership, selling, and management skills. John has enabled leaders and companies to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Thomas Herman

Over 25 years of experience in the asset management business, primarily raising capital in the alternative investment space (Hedge Funds, Real Estate, Private Equity). Since 2007 he has been focused on alternative investment capital placement.

Dan Bryant

Driving structural innovation to serve markets and stakeholders more effectively is a 25-year passion. Dan has been a leader in adapting to and structuring change across diverse markets and industries including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, law and real estate.

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