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Gravitas Infinitum

We are a Health and Wellness Holding Company focused on Nutraceutical Product Manufacturing. We integrate the sourcing of raw material varieties rich in extractable proteins, lipids and fibers by processing them into various isolated and refined products. These products are then blended and mixed into hundreds of high-value nutraceutical brands, which are then sold and marketed globally through multiple channels.

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Nutraceutical Consolidation

Our team, which has delivered billions of dollars in returns to investors, has dedicated the last two years to validating a roll-up-strategy to acquire and consolidate Nutraceutical Manufacturing companies.


Our primary goal is to acquire smaller, closely held businesses and consolidate them into a mid-cap company in preparation for an exit to a private equity firm, pharmaceutical company, or other acquisition oriented entities.


The nutraceutical sector is growing at 15%+ per year with a forecasted value of $285 billion by 2021.


There are a significant number of profitable attractive private/family held companies with motivated sellers.


By acquiring the best operators with long-term contracts and implementing our consolidation strategies, we are building a diversified mid-cap powerhouse nutraceutical company.


The Market

The nutraceuticals industry, in its current state, is a classic consolidation opportunity. There are a large number of profitable, small-cap companies in search of an exit option due to the combination of huge industry growth, expensive modernization needs and very few sophisticated suitors for these businesses. We are expert operators and will use our skills and experience to create an even more profitable and attractive mid-cap company.


Market Opportunity

The Nutraceutical industry generates over $300B in annual revenues in the US alone. Many of these businesses are relatively undercapitalized. We will create more efficiency by implementing high-tech management and systems infrastructure. The nutraceuticals market is already large and forecasted to continue its impressive growth at 15% annually, fueled by a wealthy, aging population and a younger generation who have fully embraced these products. This combination of size, growth and fragmentation makes the space attractive for consolidation.

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Gravitas focuses on existing top-class operating teams as targets. These are typically 5-30 year-old companies with $5-100mm in annual revenue, delivering a minimum of 10% EBITDA annually. Purchase prices are 2-6x EBITDA or 25-125% of annual revenue. The target must also show annual growth of 5% or more.

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Seasoned business and sector professionals dedicated to the success and effective execution of this consolidation.

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Primary Objective

Acquire profitable, high-growth Nutraceutical Manufacturing businesses and consolidate them with eye towards an exit in 3-5 years.


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