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The Southwest Florida High-Density BioFactory (HDBF) is the first facility in the development of six campuses within the American Gravitas Impact Project (AGIP) which creates 12,000+ jobs across many industries in the State of Florida and serves as a blueprint for expansion into other states. Each campus will house the Closed Loop Water Remediation facility, Zero Waste Carbon-Capturing Whole Plant Hemp Processors and BioMachine Translation of waste plastic into 1,000’s of bio-materials such as bio-plastics, foods, paper, ethanol, juices and oils.

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12% Annual Return

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24.3% IRR

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The American Gravitas Impact Project (AGIP)

Gravitas is utilizing our vast business experience to integrate existing technological innovation and developed AGIP which includes a Hemp BioMachine Translation and Hemp Economy Services Platform for participants such as Farmers, wholesale buyers, and strategic partners to capture a significant share of this emerging market, what many call “The New Hemp Economy”.


Water Remediation and recycling waste plastic of any type into 1,000s of usable bio-material products.


Creating 12,000 jobs across many industries within 6 regions in Florida and expand throughout the US.

Environmental Impact

Carbon credit originator with a negative carbon footprint. Closed Loop Water Remediation. Zero Waste Carbon-Capturing Whole Plant Hemp Processors.


Creating multi-use campuses in 6 regions of Florida to house the High-Density BioFactories.


The AGIP Project

A 5 year multi-billion dollar project bringing 12,000+ jobs, and positive economic and environmental impact such as water remediation, negative carbon footprint and 1,000's of bio-materials.


Market Opportunity

The Global Industrial Hemp Market Size is Projected to Grow from $4.6 Billion USD in 2019 to $26.6 Billion USD by 2025, recording a CAGR of 34.0% (according to

Seven of the many industries being disrupted by the rise of Hemp:

1) Functional Foods;
2) Biodiesel;
3) Plastics;
4) Paper;
5) Construction;
6) Textiles;
7) Packaging;

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A World-Class Interchangeable Management Team. With Over $30B In Business Responsibility Across  The Team In Finance, Operations, M&A, Sales, Marketing and Technology

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Primary Objective

We are utilizing our experience in bringing technological innovation and building industry-wide business services platforms to successfully enter and capture a significant share of this emerging market, what many call the new “Hemp Economy”.


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