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Gravitas Infinitum

A holding company, based in Naples, Florida, focused on solving some of Planet Earth's most challenging problems such as waste plastic, CO2 emissions, and bad water. Gravitas Infinitum builds and acquires companies and projects that provide a positive environmental impact, deliver eco-friendly products, services and solutions, and revenues to help reach the objectives in our "Planet Plan".

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4th Quarter of 2021

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Companies and Projects

Gravitas is utilizing our vast business experience to integrate existing technological innovation to create and acquire projects and companies.


Carbon and Plastic Waste Capture project recycling waste plastic of any type into 1,000s of usable bio-material products.

T4L, Inc.

All-inclusive, hassle-free Transportation Subscription Service based on the Tesla fleet of electric vehicles.


A 5 year multi-billion dollar project bringing 12,000+ jobs, and positive economic and environmental impact.

Planet Plan

Dedicated to creating solutions that provide healing and caring for Planet Earth.

Featured Project

T4L, Inc.

All-inclusive, hassle-free Transportation Subscription Service based on the Tesla fleet of electric vehicles.

A service company handling all the details of endless paperwork and hassles of dealing with dealerships, the DMV, insurance, financing and maintenance to assure our Subscribing Members can simply enjoy driving their electric vehicle.



Market Insights

Each project and company is driven by the overall focus on ESG/SDG objectives and financial responsibility.

Gravitas incorporates sound financial decision making to create profits. Every market opportunity is researched in great detail and a determination is made if there is viability to enter a particular market.

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Examine - Continually keep up to date with our progress and ask us questions about our process, people and technology.

Support - If you like our vision, and our mission we would love to have your support such as resources, ideas, contacts, finances and time.

Participate - We have several ways for individuals, companies, teams, and associations to participate. These can be financial, as in investment, as an advisor with your wisdom, or as an employee with your skills and experience.

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Team Background

A World-Class Interchangeable Management Team. With Over $30B In Business Responsibility Across  The Team In Finance, Operations, M&A, Sales, Marketing and Technology

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Vision Statement

Primary Objective

We are utilizing our experience in bringing technological innovation and building industry-wide business services platforms to successfully enter and capture a significant share of these emerging markets.


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